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Διάφορα φίμωτρα, για εσάς που στο sex, δεν σας αρέσουν τα μέτρια! 

Οι μπάλες για το στόμα διατίθενται σε διάφορα μεγέθη, υλικά και χρώματα που θα ικανοποιήσουν και τον πιο απαιτητικό πελάτη! 

Θα τις βρείτε σε Σιλικόνη, Latex, TPE, Jelly και πολλά άλλα υλικά, και σε διάφορα χρώματα όπως ροζ, κόκκινο, με το μαύρο να κυριαρχεί!

Υπάρχουν οι μικρές μπάλες για τους αρχάριους και οι πιο μεγάλες για τους πιο εξοικειωμένους στο bdsm παιχνίδι! 

Συνδυάστες τα με μαστίγια, κολάραχειροπέδεςμάσκες και φτερά γ​ια ένα πιο ολοκληρωμένο φετίχ look!​ 

Βρείτε τα όλα μόνο στο Aroma Sex Shop

Silicone Gag Ball Red Silicone Gag Ball Red
Brand: OEM Model: 120596
Silicone Gag Ball Red   100% silicone ball for greater comfort and hygiene. The ball is 40 mm Diameter 40 mm - Weight in Gr 112 - Box dimensions in mm: Height 120, Width 100, Depth 50..
Store Price: 15.97€ E-shop Price: 14.05€
Ex Tax:11.33€
Brand: TABOOM Model: 120543
Silicone Ball Gag Taboom Black This ball gag is made of silicone and vegan leather and is lined with comfortable plush, making it comfortable to use during BDSM sex bondage and role play. When combined with other restraints, use of the TABOOM Silicone Ball Gag can increase the user's sense..
Store Price: 23.60€ E-shop Price: 20.71€
Ex Tax:16.70€
Brand: YOU2TOYS Model: 120283
BAD KITTY SILICONE GAG RING Silicone Gag-ring. The strap easily adjusts to all sizes. Dimensions: Ø 5cm..
Store Price: 23.25€ E-shop Price: 20.46€
Ex Tax:16.50€
Brand: NSNOVELTIES Model: 120499
Sinful Bar Gag Mouth gag in sexy black design with silicone bar and vinyl strap, hypoallergenic and waterproof materials! Adjustable strap according to the size of your partner's head. Material: Silicone, Vinyl, PVC Wash with warm water and hand soap and dry thoroughly before storing..
Store Price: 30.20€ E-shop Price: 24.16€
Ex Tax:19.48€
Brand: YOU2TOYS Model: 120446
LEATHER GAG RING Gag-ring. The strap easily adjusts to all sizes. Dimensions: Ø 4cm..
Store Price: 19.90€ E-shop Price: 16.22€
Ex Tax:13.08€
Brand: YOU2TOYS Model: 120335
BAD KITTY SILICONE PENIS GAG Silicone ball gag, featuring a realistically designed Penis. The strap easily adjusts to all sizes...
Store Price: 27.71€ E-shop Price: 24.39€
Ex Tax:19.67€
Brand: PIPEDREAM Model: 120405
Gag & Nipple Clamps - FF EXTREME Perforated ball gag with integrated chains and adjustable clip-type nipple clamps. The strap easily adjusts to all sizes...
Store Price: 29.45€ E-shop Price: 25.92€
Ex Tax:20.90€
Sinful Ball Gag Sinful Ball Gag
Not Available
Brand: NSNOVELTIES Model: 120498
Sinful Ball Gag Gag in sexy black design with silicone ball. Customizable. Material: Silicone, PVC  ..
Store Price: 23.90€ E-shop Price: 18.70€
Ex Tax:15.08€
Silicone Ball Gag Taboom Silicone Ball Gag Taboom
Not Available
Brand: TABOOM Model: 120506
Silicone Ball Gag Taboom Try BDSM play with the stylish TABOOM SILICONE BALL GAG! Can be worn during sex bondage and role play in a BDSM game. Wearing the TABOOM gag may increase feelings of helplessness, physical arousal and decrease the ability to speak. All of these can increase overa..
Store Price: 23.60€ E-shop Price: 18.82€
Ex Tax:15.18€
Not Available
Brand: YOU2TOYS Model: 120435
KNEBEL SILICONE Plush silicone gag with adjustable straps. Diameter 3.8 cm...
Store Price: 25.10€ E-shop Price: 19.96€
Ex Tax:16.10€
Not Available
Brand: PIPEDREAM Model: 120156
FETISH - BREATHABLE BALL Gag - ball, perforated. The strap easily adjusts to all sizes...
Store Price: 17.90€ E-shop Price: 10.49€
Ex Tax:8.46€
Not Available
Brand: PIPEDREAM Model: 120246
FETISH - BALL GAG SET Set of three ball gags, perforated, in sizes small, medium and large. The strap easily adjusts to all sizes...
Store Price: 24.90€ E-shop Price: 16.94€
Ex Tax:13.66€
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