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Οι ποδοπέδες είναι ιδανικό παιχνίδι για όσους θέλουν να ανακαλύψουν ή να εξερευνήσουν περισσότερο μία πιο... σκληρή πλευρά τους!

Αν είστε αρχάριοι μπορείτε να προτιμήσετε κλασσικές, μεταλλικές αλλα ανάλαφρες ποδοπέδες, ενώ αν έχετε μια παραπάνω εμπειρία και θέλετε κάτι παραπάνω οι ποδοπέδες δέρματος και δερματίνης είναι για εσάς!

Συνδυάστε τις με χειροπέδες, φιμωτρο, μάσκα και μαστίγιο για ένα ολοκληρωμένο σετ

Μόνο στο Aroma Sex Shop!

Brand: YOU2TOYS Model: 120085
BONDAGE - HAND&FEET Set of bindings with a scratch-type fastening and a soft lining on the inside, for comfort in use...
Store Price: 25.11€ E-shop Price: 22.10€
Ex Tax:17.82€
Brand: NSNOVELTIES Model: 120495
Bondage Couture Ankle Cuffs Luxurious vegan leather footrests with gold metal elements. Link chain included. Total length: 35 cm...
Store Price: 36.30€ E-shop Price: 29.02€
Ex Tax:23.40€
Brand: PIPEDREAM Model: 120582
Spread em Bar and Cuff Set  Welcome your lover with open arms and legs with this incredible Spread 'Em Bar & Cuff Set! This kinky set of metal spreader bars will put you or your partner in the right position for pleasure every time. Attach the adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs and you..
Store Price: 90.68€ E-shop Price: 79.79€
Ex Tax:64.35€
Brand: NMC Model: 120098
METAL CUFFS WRIST&ANKLE Hand and foot binding, with a chain ending in a pair of handcuffs. Length of vertical chain: 40cm..
Store Price: 45.10€ E-shop Price: 36.08€
Ex Tax:29.10€
Not Available
Brand: PIPEDREAM Model: 120440
METAL FEET CUFFS Made of high quality metal, these foot pegs are the perfect accessory for safe and fun play! The double locking mechanism ensures that the ankles are not squeezed too tightly, but are quite secure! Two keys included...
Store Price: 25.90€ E-shop Price: 19.34€
Ex Tax:15.60€
Not Available
Brand: YOU2TOYS Model: 120082
BONDAGE - HAND&THIGH Set of bindings with a scratch-type fastening and a soft lining on the inside, for comfort in use...
Store Price: 19.60€ E-shop Price: 15.62€
Ex Tax:12.60€
Ankle Cuffs Taboom Ankle Cuffs Taboom
Not Available
Brand: TABOOM Model: 120505
Ankle Cuffs Taboom  Try the luxury footstools from Taboom, and beg your partner for mercy! Ensure quality time with your partner with the fashionable and luxurious Ankle Cuffs by Taboom! The easy-to-use footrests with the fixed clips are strong, made of high-quality materials and perfe..
Store Price: 28.90€ E-shop Price: 23.11€
Ex Tax:18.64€
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