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Brand: WOMANIZER Model: 100214
Cup Size SMALL for WOMANIZER W500 SPARE Cup Size SMALL, SUITABLE FOR ALL WOMANIZER W500 1 PIECE Material: medical silicone Length: 1.2cm X 1.4cm..
Store Price: 2.50€ E-shop Price: 2.48€
Ex Tax:2.00€
Brand: WOMANIZER Model: 100260
WOMANIZER LIBERTY RED - Clitoral Air Waves In a convenient and travel-friendly size, with a magnetic cover for safe storage, the Womanizer Liberty surrounds the clitoris and provides non-contact stimulation with gentle to strong air waves. It ensures multiple orgasms and climax within minutes...
Store Price: 110.50€ E-shop Price: 99.35€
Ex Tax:80.12€
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